Solicitors in Bristol
solicitors in bristol

Our Fees

Property purchases:

(a) Up to £250,000 - £600 plus VAT

(b) £250,000-£500,000 - £675 plus VAT

(c) Over £500,000 by agreement

Note - the above refers to freehold properties. For leasehold properties, an additional fee of £75 will be incurred. These figures are subject to there being no complications, such as problems with Title and Indemnity Insurance being needed


Work is costed at the rate of £150 per hour. Should a fixed fee be requested, this can be agreed by negotiation


The hourly charge for advice and work is £200, but we would be very happy to enter into a fixed fee agreement by negotiation


For Employment Tribunal work of £190 per hour. A fixed fee can be entered into by negotiation

Please contact us for more information.